Why Belize

Why Belize?


Belize is unique because it enjoys a shared identity with both Central America and the Caribbean. The tiny country is located in Central America and is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala, and to the east by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. It’s a surprisingly diverse country with several different cultures and languages that flourish alongside one another. Belize also has the lowest population density in Central America, and approximately 38% of the Belizean mainland, waters, and cayes are protected nature and marine reserves.

Natural Beauty

Known for its immense biodiversity and distinctive ecosystems, most of Belize’s land is undeveloped and is forested with hardwoods. Belize has an estimated 400+ islands or cayes (pronounced “keys”), very few of which are inhabited. Belize is known as a Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot with jungle, rivers, waterfalls, the Maya mountains, mangrove, fertile farmland, a large variety of wildlife, and the largest cave system in Central America! The most famous icon of Belize’s natural beauty is The Great Blue Hole, a giant marine sinkhole off the coast, made famous for scuba diving by explorer Jacques Cousteau in 1971.

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Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Belize

  1. English is the official language.
  2. British Common Law means that international investors can own property in their own name.
  3. The Belize dollar tracks the US dollar at 2:1.
  4. Belize is a T-8 Tax Haven and has no capital gains tax, no estate tax, very low property tax, and 3% income tax on rental income generated.
  5. Cost of living is much less than most metropolitan areas in North America.
  6. Proximity. Belize is a short flight to the US and shares US time zones.
  7. Belize’s booming tourism means strong rental income for real estate investors interested in generating a return from their asset.


San Pedro,
Ambergris Caye

San Pedro, once a quiet fishing village surrounded by coconut plantations, is today the #1 tourist destination in Belize. The main draw of idyllic Ambergris Caye lies in its unique situation alongside the impossibly turquoise blue waters of the world’s largest living barrier reef. This close proximity provides unparalleled access to some of the best snorkeling, diving, fishing, water sports, and seafood in the Caribbean. Combined with an eclectic mix of festivals and rapidly evolving culinary and nightlife scenes, Ambergris Caye is on all of the top travel lists for 2019. 

Since the recent arrival of several major worldwide hotel brands, (Hilton and Marriott to name two), Belize’s largest island has quickly become one of the hottest real estate markets in the Caribbean. Fortunately, 25-mile-long Ambergris Caye has managed to keep its quaint and colorful charm while simultaneously offering up the best of Belize in unique hotel experiences and beachfront real estate opportunities. One such new resort that perfectly pairs history with luxury is Hilton’s wood-flanked Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club that opened in 2017.

An average of 14,000 tourists arrive in San Pedro every month, and that number is forever increasing. Get in now on the growth of Ambergris Caye’s rapidly developing real estate market! 

San Ignacio,
Cayo District

San Ignacio is mainland Belize’s second-largest town after Belize City, and one of the most-visited destinations in the country. If San Pedro showcases the best of the Belizean cayes, the Cayo jungle offers up the best of the other end of the Belize biodiversity spectrum.

The charm of the Cayo district is rooted in ancient Maya history and more recently the mahogany and chicle industry in British Colonial times. Today it is known for its unspoiled mountain jungle landscape, four major Maya ruins including Caracol (the largest in Belize), exotic wildlife spotting, birdwatching, horseback riding, cave tubing and exploration, hiking, river sports, waterfalls, and multiple nature reserves including a green iguana conservation project. Food is also less costly and available with greater variety in Cayo thanks to the surrounding rolling hills of fertile land.

The resort real estate opportunities in the Cayo District continue to grow as does Belize tourism and foreign resident population. Cayo’s newest resort is jaw-dropping Chial Reserve, the only managed rental community in Cayo.

Interesting facts about Belize


The official language of Belize


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Belizean currency 2:1 with the USD.

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