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Amir is a born and raised Belizean from Orange Walk Town, like many he has found a home away from home on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. He has been coming to the island constantly as a child and decided to settle down and make it his permanent home since 2016. He met Mike Fields (Owner of the James Group) in 2021 and caught his attention with his customer centric and willingness to always help approach and the rest was history.

He then joined the James Group family in 2021 and has since then made remarkable relationships with various clients and associates which he holds dear to his heart. He firmly believes and is humble enough to accept that he can always learn something new from anyone and is always willing to listen. He is a young family man and enjoys going to the beach with his family, doing water sports, meeting and learning from new people and occasionally playing soccer and basketball on his spare evenings.

Amir comes with vast knowledge from the island of San Pedro, he is well known by many locals, and is always willing to help in any way he can to make your stay or move to the island be one of the most memorable experiences ever. He prides himself in representing his clients and makes sure they are always well taken care of.